The story behind the t-shirts

The more we cover our breasts, the more we add to the secrecy of what’s under our tops and behind our bras.

It is time to politely and unapologetically address the way society views our breasts. They are not sexual objects to be fantasised over, or judged against the media’s portrayal of the “ideal” woman’s body. 

For hundreds of years of patriarchal societies has created a very narrow minded approach to a naked woman’s torso, which revolves around sex. How often, as a woman, have you been victim to a man starring at your breasts through your clothes? I think this is something we can all relate to and it seems that the current solution is to cover up further if we don’t want to attract this kind of attention. Men and women alike offer this advice readily, but there is another way. What if we were to make a stand together, showing society a new way to view a woman’s body as far, far more than a sexual object. For breasts are not the problem, it’s the mind of the individual and of general society which creates a seedy narrative around them.

The more women who help others to understand this way by normalising breast exposure, the more respect and acceptance of women’s bodies will emerge. Stop objectifying the female body.