Why the Boob Tee?

I have had a lot of questions surrounding the t-shirt i have created, so i thought it fitting for my first blog post to be about this. The idea for the My Feminine My Choice t-shirt, came from a dissatisfaction with the way society views the naked female form; constant sexualisation of women’s naked bodies, and judgement against the medias portrayal of the “ideal” woman’s appearance. I could never quite get my head around it, why are breasts so sexualised and objects of extreme fantasy in many cultures across the world. Furthermore, why is it that female nipples seem to be the main offender and are censored across every social media platform that I am aware of. They are just nipples, just little pinky brown bits of skin attached to balls of fatty tissue, why all the drama. Confusing eh, especially when because they look very similar to male nipples which no one seems to give a fuck about.

As a girl I am sure you can relate to having men stare at your boobs through your top on the tube, at work or wherever else you may be. It seems that as long as there is the tiniest outline of a breast then you are basically at risk of being gawped at which is usually very fucking uncomfortable and personally leaves me feeling a bit sick. Often the advice given for us girls is to cover up if we don’t want this sort of attention and it is this kind of advice that is playing right into the hands of the patriarchy. It puts women into a little box, limiting our expression, our wild and our right to display our body however we choose, without being sexualised. 

The more we hide our boobs behind tops and bra’s the more we add to the mystery, the secrecy of a naked female body. It seems that the boob has become so warped by the world of sex and pornography that even publicly breast feeding mothers cause controversy, which is really sad. The first biological function of boobs, for feeding children, seems to have been forgotten because they have been so sexualised. This is one of the most natural, beautiful human and animal occurrences, a mother feeding her young. At what stage was this forgotten and boobs transformed a symbol of pornography.

If we look at tribal cultures all over the world we see topless women without judgement, or sexualisation. There seems to be no complications for them from the opposite sex, and everyone gets on with life.  So why in our society have breasts become such a coveted thing and why on earth is a little nip slip worthy of an entire article on the Daily Mail?

I personally think that because torso nudity for women is largely banned in public and on social media, with the exception of women who are sexualising themselves with provocative photoshoots and porn, it means the only type of female nudity which men are experiencing is entirely sexual. Rather than it being a natural, beautiful part of our existence. We are of course sexual beings, but that is determined by our intent and behaviour not by the way we dress or whether or not we chose to be naked. It is not our boobs which are a problem, they are just boobs, it is the mind of the individual and society which creates a sexual narrative around them. Normalising female nudity, where there is no intent of looking sexual or provocative will help to educate those who are misinformed and will show them respect and a new understanding. We aren’t sexual objects, and because we are naked doesn’t give anyone the right to judge or sexualise us.

I am not pointing the finger at the male gender, there are those from both sex’s who play into the hands of the patriarchy but continuing to cover ourselves in fear of public reaction is not the way forward. The female body should be equal to that of a males, and this is what I hope to help people understand through these t-shirts. It is the behaviour of a woman that she should be judged by, not the way she dresses. 

Thanks for reading.

Love IL x