Indigo Lily is a brand built on the foundations of equality and kindness for all beings. We create t-shirts which explore female empowerment and spiritual expansion, seeking the truth.

We began with the "My Feminine. My Choice" t-shirt. It came out of a disatisfaction with the constant objectification and sexualisation of womens bodies.  Since then we have expanded our collection with each t-shirt we make holding the purpose of sharing an important message and bringing a collective together.

We live in a system which encourages us to play smaller than we are. It restricts our bodies, our minds and ultimately our evolution. 

It is our belief that we are so much more powerful than we are lead to believe. The system serves a few and keeps the rest of us in the dark. But when we start to wake up and realise our own magic and the magic of the universe through meditation, through knowledge, through love and we step into our power, huge shifts will happen. 

We will rise up together as a collective against this system and we will raise Earth consciousness. More self love, compassion for others and awareness that the universe holds so much more than we have been conditioned to believe.